Posted by: naeliz04 | October 15, 2011

A Matter of the Heart by Beth Moore

I’ve arrived at a conclusion,
maybe on of life’s rare finds
that there’s not a lot worth salvaging
within this heart of mine.

It’s ever ready to destruct
and lies above al things…
It tends to laugh when it should cry
and mourn when it should sing.

I’ve wasted countless hours begging,
“Fix this heart, Lord, please!”
while it stomps its feet, demands its way
and floods with sin’s disease.

At last, you’re able to get through
and lay it on the line:
“You must give up that heart of yours
and trade it in for mine.”

So I cry out with the psalmist,
create within me, Lord
A new heart crystal clear
that only Calvary could afford.

A heart which pounds the rhythm
of heaven’s metronome
and issues forth a boundless love
and beats for You alone.

I want to love that which You love,
despising what you hate
and see myself as least of these
oh Lord, retaliate

The efforts of the evil one
who seeks to make my plea
that of his own, “I’ll make no move
til I’ve considered me.”

Peel away my fingers,
finally make me understand
the power to love and please You
can’t be found within a man.

So, my Lord, I bring this offering;
a stubborn heart of stone
And ask You, in its absence,
please exchange it for Your own.


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