Posted by: naeliz04 | August 21, 2011

Week One – Thursday

Today we had a very fun visit to Frederick Meijer Gardens with our Mom’s Group. I am so excited to be able to be involved on a much more consistent basis now that I am not working out side the home.
I have to say I am VERY blessed with a wonderful husband. He worked all night Wednesday night and stayed up to help me get the kids fed, ready, and in the car.
After our adventure at the gardens the kids and I met up with our GREAT friends, The Mitchells, and had a wonderful picnic at the park. Then it was off to an appointment.
When we got home the kids made pictures of a time where they obeyed, and a time in which they disobeyed. We have really been working with Ellie on what it means to obey and tell the truth.
This new baby thing has been exciting, but I feel a very tough transition for Ellie. She loves Baby Abby so much, but has really been acting out. Trying very hard to find ways to encourage her to make good choices and good behavior. Ideas?
Ok, so I am REALLY enjoying Pinterest and the AWESOME ideas there…So much fun, and I have discovered so many wonderful websites, etc. with TONS of free resources for homeschooling, great recipes, awesome art projects, great quotes, and exciting picture and decorating ideas.
Here is a website with tons of cute hand print and foot print crafts…Can’t wait to try some of these…


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