Posted by: naeliz04 | August 21, 2011

Week One – Friday

Adventures today included fun times with my three younger siblings. All five of them (Michael, Natalie, April, Ellie, and Benny) made big pictures of what they thought Heaven looked like. It was great to see what they came up with.
Of course, Ellie was wearing a very long pink dress with flowers. She also made each person in our family. They made Jesus, angels, yellow buildings, yellow roads, and much more.
We read the story “What is Heaven like” by Beverly Lewis. It has posed a few questions, and some great discussions. Ellie told my Grandma “Shhh, you have to be quiet and whisper to God. Then spend time being REALLY quiet, and you will hear him talk to you.” Mimee asked her “So, what does God say?” Ellie answered “I don’t know, but that’s what you are suppose to do.”
Guess we need to work on that… 😀 We are putting her in Awana this Fall and I can’t wait, I may start working on the memory verses with her this next week…I don’t believe your kids are ever too young to start learning God’s word. They retain so much when they are little. 😀
We also spent some time again today dancing to Wee Sing Bible Songs. Completing some chores were also on the agenda, we did pretty well. The house looks pretty good.


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