Posted by: naeliz04 | August 18, 2011

Week One – Wednesday

After waking this morning and eating breakfast, getting everyone changed and dressed for the day, we spent a large part of the morning dancing to Wee Sing Bible Songs, and reading lots of stories.
Ellie spent a good part of the morning asking “Why is TV a treat in our house that we have to ask for? It isn’t in lots of other people’s houses.” I tried to explain to her that it is so much more fun to be active and play with each other and do other activities besides sitting and watching something talk at you. She seemed to understand after a while.
I have to admit that when I was on bed rest we weren’t the best about limiting the tv usage, and I am wondering if some of her outbursts now aren’t due to the increase in “tube time”. Lunch time came and then it was time for naps.
After naps we read more stories and focused our “school time” on the book “The Little House” by Virginia Lee Burton. Ellie asked me several times “Mommy, how do you know this story so well? Have you read it before?” I explained to her that my Mommy had read it to me many times when I was little. She goes, “You mean my Grammy, that I call Jammy?” She was very excited, but also thought it was “very silly that Mommy had ever been a little girl like me (Ellie)”
Next we talked about fun things we had made “when Mommy was silly and little.” She asked me if the chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal cookies (no-bakes), that Grammy makes, were something I made when I was little. I told her that they were, so “we just have to make them for Daddy today then.” So that is what we did. 😀 They all helped and they turned out very good!
Of course, next we made our own little houses out of paper. They had lots of fun cutting the triangle roofs with their new scissors. Benny needed a little assistance, but Ellie did VERY well independently. Although, I am thinking she may be a lefty. They both did wonderfully with the glue, and we wrote their name, address, and phone number on the house, and then they decorated them.
Ellie drew herself, and cut and made Baby Abby in her car seat. Benny made lots of windows, then a door, and then he decided to write his “ABC’s” on it. Gabe loved coloring his picture too. 😀 They went on to free draw and color several more pictures before “art time” was over.
Benny and I practiced patty cake, pointing out body parts, and head, shoulders, knees, and toes. He also did a excellent job pointing out which one was taller/shorter; bigger/smaller; sitting/standing; etc. I was quite impressed that he knew so many opposites. It is amazing what they pick up when you read to them a lot.
We talked about how God made us all uniquely, including our house. And we talked about the differences between the little pink house, and our big blue one. “Although, it does have a pink room” Ellie made sure to add. When we were looking at houses, Ellie kept telling us “I don’t know why we are looking so far away” (when we were looking up by church) “God made us a pink house, and he put it back in Grandville, close to Grammy and Gumpy, and just for us.”


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