Posted by: naeliz04 | August 18, 2011

Week One – Tuesday

Lake Michigan was calling our name today. My Bestie and her family have a cottage for a week in August every year, and invited us to come out for the day. The kids and I had a blast. I have to say I was very grateful too for the help with the kiddos. Still getting back into the swing of things and adjusting to four kids. It can be a handful at times, but I am defiantly enjoying them immensely.

We spent the day playing in the water. It was quite warm! Digging in the sand, kayaking, talking, looking at Wedding books (My Bestie is getting married 😀 SOOOO EXCITED!), hanging out, spying airplanes (One of Benny’s favorite activities), enjoying good food, the sun, etc… What an amazingly relaxing day.

The kids found some old children’s books in the basement of the cottage we were at. One was about a bear that had a toothache. The bear ate everything in the fridge trying to make his tooth fall out, but it didn’t. Then they pulled the tooth out and he felt much better. They thought it was quite silly.

Daddy got to join us later in the afternoon (After some much deserved sleep). He had dreamed for many years of kayaking on Lake Michigan and finally fulfilled it. He played some more with the kids, and we ended the night make ice cream sundaes. I love summer in Michigan!


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